Reshimming – An Effective (and Inexpensive) Repair Method


Most people assume repairing their foundation is going to be an expensive endeavor. Unfortunately, in many cases they are right. While the cost of foundation repairs in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area can easily exceed $15,000, some minor issues on Pier and Beam foundation homes can be repaired for much less. Keep reading to learn more about reshimming, including:

  • What it is
  • What it costs 
  • In what situations it is effective 

What is Reshimming?

If your home is experiencing minor foundation issues including sticking doors and uneven flooring, reshimming the foundation could fix the problem at a fraction of the cost of other repair techniques. Reshimming involves leveling the foundation using small pieces of wood, or shims. A foundation repair professional will recommend reshimming to fix minor issues where there is no underlying structural damage to the foundation. 

What does Reshimming Cost?

Reshimming is a fairly economical repair method. Maestro’s Foundation Repair charges $3.50/sq ft to reshim a home. This means if you have a 2-story, 2,000 sq ft home, the cost to reshim the entire foundation is about $3,500 (1,000 sq ft foundation x $3.50 per sq ft). Maestro’s Foundation repair offers a 1-year warranty on all reshimming jobs. 

In What Situations is Reshimming Effective? 

No. Reshimming can only be done on pier and beam foundations and in situations where none of the underlying foundation infrastructure is damaged by mold, pests, moisture or normal wear and tear. In these situations, the underlying issues must be fixed first, then reshimming can be performed to provide a level flooring surface above the repair. In addition, reshimming won’t remediate structural issues like cracks in the foundation or water leakage into the crawl space. 


Some minor issues in pier and beam foundation homes can be fixed by reshimming. Reshimming involves leveling the floors using shims, or small pieces of wood. Reshimming can fix issues including sticking doors or uneven flooring. Reshimming can only be performed on Pier and Beam foundation homes and in situations where there is no underlying damage to the foundation infrastructure. At Maestro’s Foundation Repair, reshimming costs about $3.50 per sq/ft and comes with a 1 year warranty. 

If you are experiencing sticking doors, or uneven flooring in your Pier and Beam foundation home, give us a call today (817.873.8183). We will schedule a no-obligation evaluation of the damage and provide you with a detailed repair plan.