Why is Now the Right Time to Fix Your Home’s Drainage System?


If you’re a Texas homeowner, you know the summer can be very tough on your home’s foundation. While you may notice the signs of foundation damage in June, July and August, it’s likely the conditions that caused the damage started much earlier. Keep reading to learn why and, more importantly, why the winter and spring months are the right time to invest in preventative maintenance.

Why Do Most Foundation Issues Appear to Occur in the Summer?

As noted in our explainer video, the DFW area has very expansive soil. When moisture is added to our soil, it expands quickly and exerts pressure on anything in its way – including your foundation! The opposite is also true. When expansive soil dries out (like during a hot Texas summer) it contracts and leaves large voids. When the soil contracts, it can cause your home to drop, resulting in large foundation cracks, uneven flooring, doors/windows that don’t operate properly and a host of other issues that if left untreated can affect the safety, comfort and value of your home. 

Why is Now The Time to Prevent Expensive Repairs Next Summer?

The key to preventing expensive foundation damage is keeping the amount of moisture in the soil around your house consistent throughout the year. Too much moisture and it will expand; too little and it will contract, both of which are bad for your foundation. Maintaining a consistent moisture level can be tricky with a climate like ours. The combination of extreme temperature fluctuations coupled with a rainy fall and expansive soils in our area can lead to foundation disasters for unprepared homeowners. 

Luckily, there’s an easy and cost effective solution to preventing extensive foundation damage. By investing in a high-quality drainage solution, you can keep excess water away from your foundation during the rainy winter months. This can prevent damage from showing up next summer when the high temperatures eliminate the moisture from the soil and cause your home to sink rapidly. 

At Maestro’s Foundation repair, we specialize in designing and building the right drainage system for your home. Our process includes a review of your soil, inspection of any existing damage and a review of the grading of your home. Give us a call today (817.873.8183) to talk about a custom drainage solution for your home.  Don’t delay, because a small investment now can prevent big headaches later on. 


The DFW’s area combination of hot summers and rainy winters, coupled with the prevalence of high plasticity soil can cause extensive foundation damage. While the damage tends to appear in the summer months, the conditions that cause issues start during the rainy season. Now is the time to invest in a drainage system to keep the moisture content in the soil around your home as consistent as possible. Doing so will prevent or reduce the amount of expansion and contraction, which reduces pressure on your foundation. Maestro’s foundation repair specializes in the design of custom drainage solutions built for your home’s specific needs.