Why are 3rd Party Engineering & Plumbing Reports Important?


Did you know the state of Texas does not have any licensure, training or certification requirements for foundation repair professionals? Given that anyone can call themselves a foundation repair professional, how do you know you are getting the highest-quality, most structurally sound repair possible? Keep reading to find out!

What are Structural Engineering and Plumbing Reports?

A 3rd party structural engineering report is written by a licensed structural engineer and states the foundation repair plan will effectively repair the damage to your home. A 3rd party plumbing report states that there are no detectable water leaks within or underneath your home’s foundation after the repairs have been completed. This is particularly important with slab on grade foundation homes which can be inadvertently damaged during the foundation repair process. As discussed in previous blog posts (link to the one about moisture) moisture is at the root of most foundation issues. Imagine spending good money to fix a foundation issue at your home only to discover months or years later that the repair caused a small leak under your home which caused additional foundation damage. That won’t happen when your foundation repair company invests in a 3rd party plumbing report. 

Do All Foundation Repair Companies Require Foundation and Plumbing Reports?

No! Engineering and plumbing reports are not required at the state level and many cities and municipalities in the DFW area consider them optional. Many of our competitors do not invest the additional time and money to ensure the highest quality repair. At Maestro’s Foundation Repair, we enlist independent, 3rd party engineers and plumbers on every job we do. It’s our way of building trust and giving you extra peace of mind when trusting your most valuable investment to us. 


Given the state of Texas does not require any training, certifications or licensure for foundation repair professionals, it can be difficult for homeowners to know for sure their foundation repair professional is providing the optimal foundation repair plan. In addition, many foundation repairs involve lifting of the home and can sometimes cause inadvertent water leaks under the home. Maestro’s Foundation repair invests in independent, 3rd party structural engineering reports and post-repair plumbing tests on every repair job. It’s part of our commitment to earning your trust and providing exceptional service that goes above and beyond what is required. Give us a call today (817-873-8183) to experience the Maestro’s Foundation Repair difference.